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Prophet Graham in South Africa - Delportshoop

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Below is Prophet Graham's latest blog on his time in the Northern Cape of South Africa.
"On Friday 6th May I arrived in Kimberley via Johannesburg on a small turbo-prop plane. After sitting next to a nice man who took up one and a half seats for over an hour I was glad when we landed. I was picked up by Mario in a very nice Audi A4 with plenty of legroom.
We set off for Delportshoop making a stop along the way at Barkley West to collect his wife and daughter. One interesting incident along the way was to see a small alligator crossing the road and moments later seeing a car run over and kill it. I never thought I would feel sorry for an alligator.
Delportshoop is a small town in the Northern Cape. The province is the largest in South Africa; it is also the hottest and driest. It has the smallest population and there is a lot of poverty. It is a combination of Kalahari and Karoo dessert.
Apostle Emmanuel has been working in the town for many years and planted a church here. About a year ago through another Harvester Pastor they connected with Apostle Andre and soon were welcomed as part of the Harvester network of churches. Several Harvester leaders have been before me so the ground has been well prepared.
The church building they use was previously a meeting place for the Reformed Church who have now allowed the building to be used exclusively by Harvester Delportshoop. The worship is led by Emmanuel’s son and daughter and is very powerful with sincerity and a definite anointing. They are seeking God for a stronger breakthrough into the prophetic worship taught in Harvester.
I spoke from Isaiah 42 about the characteristics of a new move. The need to call the old obsolete and walk into the unfamiliar of a new thing. It was well received. I ministered prophetically to several then asked if people require prayer. Many came forward and through words of knowledge and prophecy God moved in the lives of His people. One person, Bronwyn, wept as God asked her to forgive herself and then as she did testified that she felt so much lighter. Several others shed tears as God dealt with things and brought healing. Praise God.
Saturday was a day off. I was ready for that, it has been a busy week, and enjoyed being driven to Kimberley to see the sights. Mario and Emmanuel joined me. We drove to Kimberley which is about 70 kilometres away. Kimberley is known for diamonds and one of the tourist attractions was “The Big Hole”. It is the result of opencast mining for diamonds and is about 216 meters deep. The history of how it developed is fascinating.
Once the opencast method proved unworkable then digging mine shafts and tunnels was the adopted method. We actually went underground and saw the conditions of how they worked. We ended up seeing different examples of coloured diamonds which are so beautiful.
After a drive for lunch I was asked if we could call in to quickly visit some Christian missionaries working in Barkley West. I should have guessed this being Africa ‘quick’ meant two hours. We went to the home of Benita which seems to be used as a centre for ministry to the youth of the town. Benita and her sisters work with a Non-profit making charity supporting the various needs of youth people. There's currently a project to build a youth centre which is well underway. Her brother-in-law Steve had just finished some art classes with some young ones. He is Swiss and has been in South Africa for many years. After a while his wife Irene joined to lead a music hub where many young people come to experience worship. As we sat eating and drinking I shared my experience of prophetic worship and explained it from the scriptures. I was then asked to hang around and bring a five minute word to the young people who would be there later. It was a truly African experience to go and sit with a couple of dozen people and worship. When it started to rain the whole thing, PA chairs and all, was simply moved to a sheltered part of the front garden and carried on. I felt a truly open Christian welcome was given and a very sincere offer to come again or just call in when we were next passing.
Sunday I spoke at both morning and evening services. Sunday morning was a real celebration of the love the people have for God. The meeting was well attended with many visitors so much so that there was not enough wine to serve everyone communion and more had to be made. There were two who had birthdays in the week who were brought forward and a special birthday song sang to them. They also received bookmarks as a gift. It was also Mother’s Day and the children sang to the mothers in the church. They did well. After some prophetic words I gave to several I ministered on the context of using the gift of prophecy which is the Body. The word was well received and prepared the way for the evening teaching and activation. I also prayed for several individuals at the end of the meeting and was given words of knowledge for some physical and emotional needs so was able to pray accurately.
Sunday evening the meeting again was well attended and had visitors. After worship I taught more on the prophetic and how to be used to prophecy in the body. After that I released the people to prophecy in groups and many prophesied for the first time. It was a simple yet affective way for this Body to see a release and impartation of the gift of prophecy.
As I walked back to my accommodation with Apostle Emmanuel he shared that a former local politician had been to all three meetings and shared with Emmanuel that he was amazed at what was happening and said it had helped to change his thinking and has seen a shift because of attending. Glory to God.
It was a very different place to minister in. The people have a simple and wonderful faith. They have a sincere love for God and there is much unity. I left hoping I could return soon to receive as well as give a blessing."

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