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Ministry in Rochester, Kent

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HRCB recently ministered in Rochester Elim. Here's Prophet Graham's report on the meetings:

"I reconnected with an old bible college friend via social media a few months ago. Gill and Grahame Erwin were in the first year when was I was in my second. That was 1974 and apart from a couple of conferences and a holiday they had near the Church I led in Yorkshire, I hadn’t seen them for forty years. Sadly, Grahame died in 2000 and Gill moved back to the Medway towns from Jersey where he last ministered.

Gill’s home church was Rochester Elim Pentecostal Church, Star Hill, Rochester. It is also a church that I visited as a college student. Grahame’s brother, Geoff, was my roommate during my first year, we also sang in a quartet called "The Challenge" and visited several churches whilst at college together. I'd visited Rochester Elim for the wedding of Geoff's and Grahame’s sister so there were a lot of shared memories.

Gill invited me to come to minister just as I was preparing to leave for South Africa so the itinerary was delayed until I got back. It was finally agreed on my return from my last minute trip to Portland, Oregon. It was agreed that a team from Harvester Reformational Church, Birmingham would go with me and that this would take place over the weekend of 9th and 10th July. In all ten adults and three children went.

After a three hour plus trip with one stop we arrived at the hotel mid-afternoon and after an hour's rest we all left for the Church to set up and then enjoy a barbeque with the Rochester people. It was good to get to know these like-minded people who simply love God and are committed to His agenda. Geoff Erwin, my college friend, had also driven up for the weekend so it was a great reunion for the two of us. We had served near each other in different churches but had not been in touch for about 36 years.

The Saturday evening meeting started at 7 and Pastor Katie and I led worship. Some scriptural background was given as to why we worship like we do. At one point one of the Rochester members began to sing in the Spirit and was encouraged to continue and bless the meeting. Mary Unsworth shared testimony, several prophesied and I spoke on ‘Do not remove the ancient landmark’ from Proverbs 22:28. The emphasis was that God had chosen through Jesus to build His Church but man was taking over and the landmark that God set was in danger of being removed. The Word was received well and everyone was looking forward to what Sunday would bring.

The team from Birmingham shared breakfast at the local Weatherspoon's and were joined by Geoff. It was good to share fellowship before the meeting.

The Sunday morning started with a prayer session in the Prayer Room which proved powerful and gave a sense of God’s presence. This continued in the meeting. Gill’s son Jamie helped us by joining in on the keyboard. He started the meeting with a dream he had had the night before which was the repeat of an earlier dream. He saw arrows shooting out from the floor which seemed to speak of God waging war against those things that had sought to hinder Him and His Church in Rochester. Jamie has an obvious prophetic call on his life and is a great blessing to the Church there and was an inspiration to HRCB.

The worship flowed into testimony and then the ministry of the Word. It was a message that was spontaneous and not planned but spoke of the need for the people to lay their lives down for one another. The promise was ‘the seed is in the ground’. It was followed by the members of HRCB ministering prophetically to the leaders of Rochester Elim. In return some words were also received for members of HRCB.

It is always a little sad to leave people behind that you have made a bond with but there is no distance in the Spirit. It was a God ordained time and there was a connection made in the Spirit which will produce fruit.

Initial comments from Gill have left an open door for a return when God allows it:

'We were very blessed and thank you very much'

'My little flock are still on a high after the weekend. They can't wait for you to come back!”

We look forward to the next chapter!

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