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Prophet Graham in South Africa - Pretoria

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And here's Prophet Graham's final report from his time in South Africa:

"After leaving Kimberley I arrived for my final part of the trip at Prophet Mimie’s house in Pretoria.
I first met Mimie at the ‘25 Years in the Ministry Celebration’ for Apostle André in July 2006. She had been relating to the apostolic move for a couple of years.  She told me her story of a remarkable move of God that took place in her home which was then in Springs. That story is for another report one day.

Mimie’s house is a wonderful place to relax and has become a haven of rest for many leaders in the move we are part of. She is also part of the local Harvester Church which meets in a tent in Centurion. I was due to preach there the last Sunday of my stay on the 15th May.

Harvester Pretoria is a church that was an amalgamation of two churches. Apostle Carel Marais and his wife Hilana led the Potter’s House Church for many years and in 2010 decided to relate to the move. Stephen-John Yeo was the leader of Renewal Christian Church with his wife Unine. He had related to Harvester for a number of years and in fact I first met him during the same celebration I met Mimie in 2006. In 2011 they came together as one assembly and will celebrate their fifth anniversary this year. I had visited the two previous churches a number of times and this would be my third time of ministry to the combined church.
My first ministry duty was to speak at the Band of Brothers meeting on the Saturday morning. We met in the Boardroom of a business owned by one of the Church members. It was a fun session. The Lord gave me some perspective from Psalm 133 and I spoke on Spiritual Unity. Much discussion and sharing was done afterwards which was a real conversation of being one together.

After the meeting Mimie’s husband, who was my driver, took me around the city of Pretoria where I saw a mix of poverty, enterprise and tradition. The Union Buildings which are part of the seat of government were impressive. I felt a mix of appreciation and sadness. A country so beautiful yet so diverse in the way society works.

That evening it was my privilege to be part of a family celebration for Mimie’s upcoming 60th birthday. Most of the conversations were in Afrikaans but they seemed to then realise and one or other would remind them to speak English. It was a lovely time of sharing for me and I enjoyed the family being together to celebrate.  

Sunday morning there was a wonderful anointed time of ministry led by Apostle Carel, his own sense of worshipping in Spirit and in truth is infectious and led to a time of ministering by the Body to those who came forward even before I was released to minister. I spoke once again on the Purpose of God for your life and ministered prophetically as the Lord led. I enjoyed it so much. I gave several words of knowledge and people responded. After the service I spoke to an elderly lady who originated from Leeds but had lived in South Africa for over thirty years. Her Yorkshire accent was very much intact.

Sunday evening was a meeting that was publicised as a training on the subject of Prophet verses the Gift of Prophecy. Three other churches had been asked to join from varying church traditions and there were many there. Once again the worship was very special and enjoyable. I taught simply using scripture references and shared a lot from my own experiences as a Prophet. It went well and the initial feedback I received from Apostle Carel was positive.

The rest of my time in Pretoria was used creating a new website for the Pretoria Church which I manged to complete and go live with the day before I left.

My final day was Mimie’s birthday so I was taken with her husband André and Mimie out to breakfast. We had good conversations and after the meal Mimie and I travelled together to the airport.

There was one adventure left. As we took the highway we were only on there a little while when everything ground to a complete standstill. All of the lanes were closed because of a fatal road accident. We had to crawl off at the next exit and trust the GPS to take us on an alternative route. What would have been a stress free drive to the airport became a prayer filled chase to get to the airport in time. I said quick goodbye to Mimie and ran for the check-in desk. It was 13:30 and the plane left at 14:10. I had already booked in online so it should have been a case of simply dropping off my bag. When I got to the desk the lady said. ‘sorry the flight is closed’. I then pleaded and she said I could try the flight manager. When I got to her desk she was on the phone and I had to wait for what seemed like an age for her to engage with me. I asked if I could be allowed to fly and she rang the gate and thank God I was allowed. She quickly took my bag and then spoke to a colleague to take me through security and to the gate. I was thankful for the help but he then told me to run after him! He was maybe in his 20’s and it was a struggle to keep up. Thankfully I made the plane, just! I managed to rest on the first flight to Qatar and only had a short time to wait for my second one to Heathrow. To my amazement when I got to Heathrow my bag was there. I was certain it would not get on the plane in Johannesburg and it would need to be couriered.

After a coach back to Birmingham and a couple of buses I was back home and greeted well by the family.
It was a very special time that God gave me in South Africa. I travelled on five flights and ministered nineteen times in nine different places including a High School. There were many responses to the ministry wherever I went and I praise God for those who committed or recommitted their lives to the Lord during the time I was there.

Here’s to the next time, God willing!"

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