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Let Down the Nets
24 January 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Release From Anxiety
The First Thing You Would Say
Outworking Love
21 February 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
28 March 2021 (Teacher Ann Unsworth)
18 April 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Seek the Lord
16 May 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Greater than the Gifts
27 June 2021 (Teacher Ben Unsworth)
Placing Things in the God Context
15 August 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
The Jebusite Stronghold
19 September 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Becoming True Worshippers
30 October 2021 (Prophet Graham Unsworth)
Trusting in God
28 November 2021 (Evangelist Werner Lourens)
27 February 2022 (Pastor Mary Unsworth)
The Process and Purpose of Self-Denial
27th March 2022 (Teacher Ben Unsworth)
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